Conceal Your Strategy, Not Your Happiness
Live mindfully. Never blindly follow a command; always calculate and verify.

Most people choose not to share what makes them happy because they're afraid somebody will ruin it.

Share what makes you happy, but keep all your strategies and movements private.

People can't attack you or bring you down by just knowing what makes you happy. They will attack and ruin you when they know how your inner sense operates inside you. 

If you want to be powerful, learn to stay alert, be present when you're around other people. 

What you have inside—yes, your inner sense is sacred, don't let it exude even to your closest one.

People who know how your inner sense operates will easily ruin you without even touching you.

Stay vigilant. Some people are strategic enough to dig deeper into your core self. When dealing with people like that, make sure you plan all the way to the end. Always make them think that they know you very well. And when they realize the trap, it's already too late.

So, sharing your happiness won't ruin youbut sharing your strategies will.

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